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The Saltpipe


A great innovation for obtaining salt mine therapy at home


Clinical trials have proven it works very well for those suffering from asthma, allergies, hay fever, sinus problems, bronchitis, coughs, snoring and other respiratory disorders. Click here to see published clinical trial in Salt Therapy


The Saltpipe is a 100% natural device, is safe to use and has no side effects.


Its detoxifying properties help the absorption of oxygen and users have found a marked improvement in their general state of health simply by breathing through the pipe for just 15 minutes a day.


Air is purified as it is drawn over the salt crystals and the sensation is very much like taking in a deep breath of fresh air at the seaside. The salt micro-particles penetrate deep into the lungs unclogging blockages in the bronchi and bronchioles by restoring the normal transport of mucus. The particles also kill the microbes which can lead to inflammation of lung tissue.

The amount of salt inhaled through the pipe is little more than a microgram, so whilst it offers real benefits to the respiratory system it has no adverse effects on blood pressure. The Cisca Saltpipe can be used to complement current medication without any side effects.


How to use the Cisca Saltpipe


Using the Saltpipe couldn’t be easier. Just place the porcelain pipe between your lips and inhale normally through the mouth, exhaling through the nose.
When you first use the pipe it may taste a little salty but this should go after a few uses. After using the Saltpipe regularly for about a week you will begin to notice that breathing becomes easier and deeper and any coughing caused by respiratory problems should lessen.

Note: in the first week of use, expectorant coughing may increase due to reduced mucosal viscosity, which allows a greater volume of mucus to be mobilised and expelled.

The Cisca Saltpipe can also be used to cleanse deep into the nasal cavity, helping those who suffer with hay fever, rhinitis or sinusitis. Simply place the pipe close to one nostril, inhale and then swap to the other side.


The Cisca Saltpipe harnesses the natural healing power of Salt Cave therapy in an authentic original patented hand held porcelain pipe to provide a convenient way to improve and maintain your breathing at your home. Cisca collects the special salt crystals - Halite mineral salts - that have originated in the most famous caverns of Tapulca in Hungary, and Prajd in Transylvania, where for generations they have been used to successfully treat all kinds of respiratory disorders - and fits them between ceramic filters. The crystal salt in the Cisca Saltpipe can be used for up to 5 years with no need to refill. Breathing through the Saltpipe draws air across the 20-22 million year old minerals, the beneficial effects of which then reach every microscopic aspect of the respiratory system, having a beneficial effect on such problems as:


Asthma, Allergies

Sinus Problems, Hay Fever

Chest Infections, Bronchitis, COPD

Persistent Coughs and Sore Throats

Breathing difficulties, Shortness of breath


The Cisca Saltpipe contains two ceramic filters containing 50-60 grams of selected Halite salt crystals formed in Hungarian caves around 20 million years ago. Its unique ergonomic design makes it both comfortable and convenient to use. .The main effects of salt on the bronchial system are summarised below:


stimulates secretion
loosens and helps eliminate viscous secretions
inhibits inflammation
reduces irritation

cleans the mucous membrane of the kinocilium

Due to the pollution all around us our bodies are contaminated with every breath we take. The harmful effects of polluted air are collected in our lungs, so it is no surprise that many people suffer from respiratory problems. As stated by the inventors of this salt pipe, ‘we have cleansed our body, such as hair, skin and teeth but how can we cleanse the lungs - the most important part, as they carry oxygen to the body’.

The salt pipe is like a “detox device”, helping to cleanse the respiratory system by inhaling salt crystal particles to provide better function of the lungs. As we know, oxygen is vital. All cells in the body need oxygen.

By inhaling through the salt pipe, it will make breathing easier due to the cleansing process. At the same time, this will allow more oxygen to be conveyed through the blood to our brain and every part of the body, making us feel fresher and less fatigued.


The beneficial minerals - being stored in the crystals for millions of years - reach the most hidden points of the breathing system when inhaling through the ceramic filters 15-20 minutes daily.


The salt pipe was derived from an ancient natural salt treatment, which has been used for decades for treating respiratory problems. During WWII, residents of the German city of Ennepetal were using Klutert cave as a bomb shelter. Amazingly, they found that coughs, stuffy noses and other breathing ailments were alleviated and that they were breathing easier with each air raid. (The salt micro particles reach the lung alveoli, bronchi, bronchioles and clear all the airway passages in the upper and lower respiratory tract.)  Later on it was confirmed by scientists that many of those using the cave as a bomb shelter were indeed cured of their asthma, chronic bronchitis, and other diseases of the respiratory tract. The healthy individuals hiding in that cave had strengthened their immunity and stopped catching colds. Eastern Europeans have long had the advantage of special clinics in salt caves to help alleviate their breathing problems. This method has been named "Speleotherapy."


As going to a salt chamber is not an option for everyone, two Hungarians, László Budai and Imre Békefi, who had both suffered from asthma and allergies, successfully invented a salt pipe, which is filled with minerals, mined from salt-caves.