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Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Crystal Salt is the HEALTHY alternative

It is 100% natural and contains many minerals and trace elements

No additives, no preservatives



The new venture into natural salt for the kitchen, beautiful
salts from all corners of the globe, to add new dimensions
to cooking, from the Balinese pyramids to the rarest salt on
the planet - Persian Blue salt, which enhances all dishes.


The history of himalayan salt

“Salt is born of the purest of parents: the sun and the sea” – Pythagoras 580 BC – 500 BC)

Himalayan Salt, also known as pink salt, originated from the evaporation of the primeval sea by the sun’s energy, at a time when pollution did not exist.  This pink salt from the Himalayan Mountains, which is over 250 million years old, is as pure as the ancient primal oceans and contains all the minerals and trace elements essential to human life. Find out more