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Gourmet Collection
A selection of gourmet salts and peppers from around the globe.
Hawaiian Green bamboo, Hawaiian Red Alaea; Australian Murray River; Black Sepia (Italy); Balinese Pyramids; Tibetan Lake; Atlas Mountain (Morocco); Danish Oak Smoked flakes; plus

Price: £34.99


Hawaiian Black Lava Gourmet Salt
Dramatic and delicious, exciting and exotic. Black Lava Gourmet Salt is prized for its luxurious smoky, sweet, yet salty flavour. Its dramatic appearance enhances any gourmet dish.

Price: £4.99


Cyprus White Flake Gourmet Salt
These unique pyramid shaped crystals have a fresh ocean flavour and a satisfying crunch. Apart from their beautiful appearance, white Cyprus flake sea salt has a mild taste that works well as a finishing salt.

Price: £2.99


Australian Murray River Gourmet Salt
The Murray River salt has a fragrant but mild flavour with spicy undertones, and is very attractive on the table. The texture of this salt is ideal as a finishing salt. The flaky crystals provide a slight crunch, and then melt quickly evenly.

Price: £3.75


Danish Oak Smoked Gourmet Sea Salt
The Danish smoked sea salt is produced by first evaporating seawater - a process which takes place in a vessel over an open fire of juniper, cherry, elm, beech and oak - a real, millennium-old Viking recipe. The resulting taste is amazing.

Price: £5.10


Guérande sea salt - France
The mineral rich unrefined French grey sea salt harvested by traditional Celtic methods in the coastal area of Guérande, Brittany, is renowned for its exceptional quality and fine taste.

Price: £2.50


Flor de Sal - Portugal
Portuguese Flor de Sal is prized for its light crunchy but delicate texture and slightly sweet flavour from the trace elements. The 'caviar' of sea salts.

Price: £3.75


Hawaiian Red Alaea Sea Salt
The medium salt grains are perfect as a garnish when finishing your favourite dish. This coarse crystal salt adds depth and complexity to savoury dishes with its earthiness.

Price: £4.99


Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt
The distinctive rose pink colour of the Himalayan Salt comes from an halophilic pink algae (from Greek for "salt-loving") found in the pre-Cambrian ocean.

Price: £2.50


Balinese Pyramid Crystal Salt
Balinese Sea Salt Pyramids are at once unique and exotic. These dazzling, miniature, hollow, pyramid-shaped salt flakes are harvested on the beautiful island of Bali. The perfect finishing salt for any meal.

Price: £3.25


Hawaiian Green Bamboo
Hawaiian green bamboo salt is used as a seasoning in Asian cuisine, such as sushi, cold noodle salad and stir fry dishes.

Price: £5.90


Atlas Mountain Gourmet Salt (Morocco)
This coarse, pinkish salt has an wonderful crunch and is superb on lamb or goat kebabs, tagines and curries.
Due to the extreme and remote location of the well, there is only a limited amount of this highly treasured salt available.

Price: £4.20


Himalayan Diamond Crystal
Aficionados of Himalayan Diamond Crystal treasure it for it’s enhancement of sauces, meats, fish, and vegetables.
Perfect in a salt grinder!
It gives the table a sense of dignity.

Price: £2.50


Gourmet Salt Gift Set
Beautifully presented set of 6 gourmet salts
African Pearls, Black Lava, Green Bamboo, Murray River, Red Alaea and Camargue

Price: £16.50